• Safety First With Seaport Texel

    Guaranteed safety of ship and load

Seaport Texel works with strict environmental regulations. We use protocols of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for the guarantee of safety of all port users.

Seaport Texel follows the International Ship & Port Facility (ISPS) code to decrease the chance of safety incidents. The safety measures of the code have been copied into European Regulation 725/2004.

The Harbour Team Texel is the security authority – in part on account of the municipality Texel. All instructions and guidelines with regards to safety in and around the port are enforced by them.

Pre arrival registration

Shipping agencies that fall under the ISPS Code are obligated to report the ‘ship security pre-arrival information’ 24 hours in advance. Download it here.

IMO Port Facility Number: NLTEX-0003