• Sheltered by the wind at 'de Goede Reede' with Seaport Texel

    A solid anchorage for centuries

The location of the Reede van Texel, sheltered from the wind, situated between ’t Horntje and Den Helder, has made Texel a resting place for international shipping for centuries.

In the Golden Age, ‘de Reede’ was a standard anchorage and provisioning location for the VOC galleons and trade ships. Less than two centuries later, Napoleon built three forts there – a sign that the waters of Texel were of strategic value.

The harbour of ’t Horntje, also known as 'NIOZ Haven', was established in 1972 and served as a research port for years. In 2013, the port was restructured into an industry port. Ever since, the port, named Seaport Texel in 2016, has functioned as a maritime logistics centre.

The Dutch maritime research fleet utilises Seaport Texel as its home port.